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5 reasons your “sexual peak” might be fake – Salon.com

Americans have decided to couch sex education in a discussion about reproduction. When we teach children about reproduction, male ejaculation (and so, necessarily, male orgasm) is a central part of the lesson.  If they’re in a comprehensive sex education program, boys may even receive lessons about the normalcy of accidental erections and wet dreams.  Boys’ sexual desires, then, are part of the conversation.  So, for boys, the idea that sex is natural and pleasurable is part of the lesson.Not so for girls. Girls are unlikely to learn anything about their own sexualities in sex education. Again, this is partly because we use reproduction instead of pleasure as the excuse for talking about sex; they learn about the other “o”: ovulation.  There’s almost never any discussion of girls’ sexual desires or pleasure. Often, however, there’s plenty of talk about how sex can get girls “into trouble”: pregnancy, emotional harm, sexually transmitted infections, ruined reputations and sexual assault.

5 reasons your “sexual peak” might be fake – Salon.com.


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August 15, 2013 at 12:38 am

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