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Debunking the ‘war on men’ | Al Jazeera America

Of all the women murdered in the United States every year, about a third of them die at the hands of a husband or boyfriend. And it is actually men who have largely benefited from policies combating domestic violence and supporting survivors: The rate at which women kill their intimate partners has decreased by nearly 50 percent (PDF) since 1993, partly attributable to the fact that abused women, rather than feeling trapped and resorting to self-defensive killing, have more resources to leave their situation.

That VAWA and other anti-violence initiatives have actually saved men’s lives is just one aspect of the FRA paradox: They claim to support the rights of fathers and fight back against feminism, but it is actually feminists and their male allies who have secured the greatest gains for dads.

Debunking the ‘war on men’ | Al Jazeera America.


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January 7, 2014 at 5:33 pm

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